What We Repair & Pricing

What We Repair & Pricing

We can repair any and all vehicles. Paintless dent repair will work on medal or aluminum areas. The average dent cost is 99.00 dollars any dent that's on a body-line, a very sharp dent or very large dent the cost will increase. Please text your pictures or call us 702-403-2631 for a free estimate and quick repair.

Body shop repair vs Paintless dent repair

Sometimes the body shop will steer you into thinking your damaged area will need paint. That's is not always the case, we have many times save our customers the hassle of the long wait time at the body shop and high cost. Keep the integrity of your vehicles paint, save time and money with a paintless repair. Please check out our gallery or visit us on Instagram dentworkz

How long does it take and cost?

All Paintless dent repair can be completed in the same day, Many times right from your garage within a few hours.  Choosing paintless repair will also keep the integrity of your vehicle. Color matching is not a worry with Paintless repair.  Average dents can be repaired for only 99.00 dollars instead of a bodyshop cost of $600 - $1,500. Please text or call us 702-403-2631. Estimate are always free.

Great customer service!

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable mobile service will save you hundreds of dollars.  Saving your time and your money. Feel free to reach us at 702-403-2631 or our contact form. Thank you. We look forward to serving you.