How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?


Paintless dent repair is first started by determining the damaged area, looking for scratches or cracks in the paint.  We also analyze the access of the dent.  This is done before each and every dent repair.  It's the deciding factor of whether the dented panel will be repaired at a 99% quality.  After that is discussed then we go to work, bringing you a quality dent repair.

Dents or Dings are basically massaged from the back side of the dented area.  This is done by applying the right amount of pressure with the PDR tool.  The tech will slowly begin to bend and form the dent back to its original shape.  This process takes hundred of thousand of small precise pushes.  The idea is to blend the dented area back into the orange pill of the paint resulting in near perfection.  Once done correctly you will not see any traces of the dent. It will be gone, like it was never there.  Our first time customers call it magic...